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Image of the Peoria Public Library Chromebook Lending Logo with a wifi symbol and the words PEORIA Chromebook LENDING:
Connecting People to Opportunity
Peoria Laptop Lending @ The Peoria Public Libraries

The Peoria Public Library is proud to offer Chromebooks paired wifi hotspots for checkout! These easy to use laptop kits are ideal for students, professionals on the go and those needing a device and internet access for job seeking and staying connected to the world. Each kit includes a Google Chromebook, a wifi hotspot and chargers/adapters for the devices.

The Peoria 'Laptop Lending Program' is funded by the CARES Act and the City of Peoria. Patrons must be Peoria residents to participate.

NOTE: Due to the limited technical support available through the Library, it is recommended that patrons have a beginner's level experience with using a laptop computer before checking out a laptop kit.

How It Works:

Note: Patrons must have a Google account to use the Chromebooks.
*When signing into the device, there is an option to create a Google account if needed.

Chromebook Kits:

  • Can only be checked out to Peoria residents.
  • Have a lending period of 21 days with no renewals.
  • May be placed on hold. View availability and/or place a hold on a Chromebook Kit.
  • Need to be returned to the Circulation Desk in the Library where it was checked out. Please do not place them in the book drops.
  • Have a limit of 1 checkout per account/library card.
  • Must be checked out by an adult (18+) as well as use their own library card/account.
  • Have a $1.00 per day fine if overdue.

See the Wifi Mobile Hotspot page for information regarding the wifi hotspots.

Please note that Microsoft Office is not installed on the devices. Google offers its own similar production software freely through your personal account (i.e. Google Docs).

Visit for help and assistance using the Chromebook.

Chromebook General Policy*

  • Only use a Library Chromebook for their intended use.
  • If patrons experience problems with Chromebook hardware and applications or have questions, they should ask for assistance from library staff. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage to a Chromebook from their attempt to troubleshoot a problem.
  • It is the patron's responsibility to delete any personal information, accounts, usernames and passwords created or used on a Library Chromebook.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising minor children under their care while using Library Chromebooks.
  • A physical inspection of the Chromebook and wifi hotspot prior to checkout was preformed and found it to be in good working order. Patrons will allow at least five minutes for a library staff member to check the equipment again upon its return.
  • Patrons may not alter, delete, copy, or tamper with any software loaded on the Chromebook or otherwise change its existing configuration. Patrons may not install software on the Chromebooks.
  • The Library is not responsible for damage to an external device (i.e. a flash drive or other external device) or for the loss of data that may occur while the Chromebook is in use.
  • The Library is not responsible for any objectionable material that may be found on the Internet while using a Library Chromebook.
  • The Library is not responsible for any personal information a user willingly posts or transmits, nor the security of any online personal or financial transactions.
  • Chromebooks may not be used for or to engage in illegal activities. No federal, state or local laws may be violated when using a library Chromebook.

*Please see the Wifi Mobile Hotspot page for the wifi hotspot policies and FAQ.


Please be aware when downloading data to your removable media that software or files downloaded from the Internet, or from any unknown computer, may contain viruses or malware. Patrons should not assume the Peoria Public Library Chromebooks have adequate virus checking software on them to protect all data. The Library does not warranty against data loss or damage to your personal devices while using a Library Chromebook and installed software.