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Obtaining a library card is required to utilize library services. A person wishing to obtain a Peoria Public Library card must provide identification (photo identification and proof of current address)and be a resident of Maricopa County. It is necessary to have current address and telephone number on file for each library cardholder so that we may contact them when necessary.

Acceptable forms of identification:
  • Drivers license or photo ID and any one of the following: personal check, current mail or voter registration card, or similar I.D.
  • Adults are asked to provide two forms of I.D. to attain a library card, one must be a photo I.D. and the other has to have current proof of residence. If an individual does not have two forms of I.D. an Arizona driver’s license with current address/photo will be accepted.
  • All city employees are eligible to receive a library card with a current City Badge or verification of employment through their supervisor.
  • Any child under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present to obtain a card. A parent or guardian must provide appropriate ID and their library account cannot be in a status of collections in order to obtain library card for a child. There is no age restriction on who may receive a library card.
  • Any minor who is emancipated from their guardian/parents must provide proof of emancipation and proper identification as listed above.
  • The person must be present when the card is issued.
  • Special groups, tours and programs may be exempt from showing proper identification or having a guardian present when receiving a library card with prior approval from the librarian.
  • Yavapai County residents who reside in Peoria and students or teachers within Peoria are eligible for a library card.
  • With a current library card and personal identification number (PIN) patrons can access on-line services. Without the card present we will not be able to give out patron PINs. Patrons calling for PINs will need to give library card number and verify information in patron record.

To register for a card you can sign up online or visit one of our libraries. Please bring photo ID and separate proof of current residential address to recieve your card.