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Curbside Pickup Peoria Public Library - Curbside Pickup

Peoria Public Libraries - Curbside Notice

The curbside pickup service may be temporarily suspended with little to no notice during times of inclement weather. This includes, but is not limited to, periods of extreme heat warnings, monsoon storms / haboobs, and heavy rains. Please call your local Peoria Public Library with any questions or for updated information.


The Peoria Public Library system currently offers curbside pickup for requested / held items.

Covid-19 has temporarily changed how we are doing business and we want to let you know what we are doing to make your curbside pickup experience as safe as possible. Our number one priority is the safety of our patrons and staff members, below you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the curbside service available?

  • The curbside pickup service is available during our regular open hours or until sunset. Please contact your local Peoria Public Library with questions regarding service availability.

What steps have you taken to make sure your materials and libraries are safe?

  • Both library buildings have been completely sanitized.
  • All returned items collected from bookdrops are sanitized and quarantined.
  • Staff use gloves, face masks and social distancing practices when handling library materials.
  • Library material carts are sanitized after each use.
  • All staff are required to wash hands on a regular basis.

How does Curbside Pickup work?
Curbside Pickup is available during the libraries' open hours.

  1. Call up – Library staff will contact you when your hold is available for pick-up. Please note that your library card must be in good standing.
  2. Drive up – Each library will have three designated pickup spots for you to park in. If all three spots are occupied please wait for one to open up. Have your library card present and ready. Call the number on the sign and give the library staff member your information and the parking spot number in which you are located.
  3. Pick up – We will deliver your held items by placing them in your trunk or give them to you on a library cart maintaining social distancing practices.

Who can pick up my items?
Anyone may pick up your items, but they must present the library card the hold was placed with in order to check out the material.

What if I have items on hold but do not feel comfortable using the curbside service?
All items currently held will remain on the hold shelf until one week after our libraries reopen.

What if I no longer want to check out the items I have on hold or I have questions about my account?
Please call (623) 773-7555 or (623) 773-8650 and speak with a library staff member to cancel your hold or ask questions.

What safety precautions are your staff is taking?
All staff will be wearing gloves, face masks and will practice social distancing during the curbside service. All items returned are cleaned and quarantined prior to being re-shelved or released for holds pick up.

What if I don’t have a car but still want curbside pick-up?
We will offer walk up service, however, all safety and social distancing practices will be enforced.

Can I return items at the curbside pickup or do I still put items in the outside bookdrop?
All items MUST be returned to the bookdrops (Explore-To-Go kits and Wifi devices should be turned in at the Circulations desks in the buildings). The bookdrops are open and are the only way materials can be returned at this time. Curbside hold pick up stations will not be accepting returns for safety reasons.

I returned my items, but my account says they are not checked in yet?
Due to our cleaning and quarantine practices there might be a delay in check in. Please allow up to a week for items to be checked in. Fines will not be charged for these items.

I currently have items checked out when will they be due?
All items currently checked out will have their due dates extended up to one week after we reopen.