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Circulation Policy Circulation Policy

In order to provide equal access to library materials, Peoria Public Library sets policies for the length of loan period, renewals, reserves, and fines. The library will determine who is eligible to borrow materials and will provide requirements for the return or replacement of such materials.

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Peoria Public Library Announcement

Due technical reasons, the Peoria Public Library system will no longer be providing notifications via telephone calls beginning Sept. 1, 2021. This includes requested item, auto-renewal and overdue notices. Notifications continue to be available through text messaging and e-mail. Please contact your local Peoria Library to change or update your notification options.


Responsibilities of Patrons Granted Library Privileges

Borrowers are responsible for library materials checked out on their library card until they are returned to the library. Library privileges are not transferable and patrons are prohibited from lending their library privileges to others. Report all lost/stolen cards immediately to prevent fraudulent use and any associated costs.

It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to monitor all materials that their children use and/or check-out and to select material appropriate to the children’s age, maturity, or reading level.

User Eligibility

Obtaining a library card is required to utilize library services. A person wishing to obtain a Peoria Public Library card must provide identification (photo identification and proof of current address) and be a resident of Maricopa or Peoria resident in Yavapai County. It is necessary to have a current address and telephone number on file for each library cardholder so that the Library may contact them when necessary.

  • Acceptable forms of identification:
    • Driver’s license or photo ID and any one of the following: personal check, current mail, voter registration card, checks, billing statement or similar I.D.
    • Adults are asked to provide two forms of I.D. to attain a library card, one must be a photo I.D. and the other has to have current proof of residence. If an individual does not have two forms of I.D. an Arizona driver’s license with current address/photo will be accepted.
  • All city employees are eligible to receive a library card with a current City Badge or verification of employment through their supervisor.
  • Any child under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present to obtain a card. A parent or guardian must provide appropriate ID and their library account cannot be in a status of collections in order to obtain a library card for a child. There is no age restriction on who may receive a library card.
  • Any minor who is emancipated from their guardian/parents must provide proof of emancipation and proper identification as listed above.
  • The person must be present when the card is issued.
  • Special groups, tours and programs may be exempt from showing proper identification or having a guardian present when receiving a library card with prior approval from the librarian.
  • Yavapai County residents who reside in Peoria are eligible for a library card.
  • Patrons will choose a personal identification number (PIN) to be assigned to their card so that they may access their account on-line, utilize the library’s automated services and access the online reference databases link from the library's website. The library cannot give out PIN numbers, but can reset them with proper patron identification and library card. Patrons calling to reset their PIN number will need to give library card number and verify information in patron record.

Library Cards

  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their library card in order to utilize library services. If a library card is not present, patrons may use a valid driver’s license to check out materials. The license must have a birth date and address that matches the information in their library account.
  • If the patron has lost their card, a replacement card can be issued provided the patron presents proper identification. A minor may replace or renew their card without a parent or guardian with proper identification or verify their address and phone number. A replacement fee will be assessed.
  • It is the library cardholder’s responsibility to keep the library informed of their current mailing, email addresses and any other updated information. Non-residents will need to update their card once a year and residents every three years. A patron will be asked to verify his/her address and phone number so the library can maintain updated records. The library is not responsible for any fines or penalties the patron may be assessed due to the lack of current address information.
  • Library privileges are not transferable; individuals are prohibited by Library Policy from lending their library privileges to others.
  • Guardians whose names are listed in the patron record may have access to information on a minor’s account that they are responsible for after verification of information.

Checkout Limits

In order to maintain an adequate selection of materials in all areas of the library, limits have been placed on the number of items that may be checked out to patrons.

The following limits have been determined:

  • An established patron may check out a maximum of 35 items.
  • The librarian reserves the right to place limits on collections as necessary for special events, tours or programs.
  • Six Inter-Library Loan books can be checked out on a card at any time.

Loan Periods

To provide equal access to all patrons, the library will determine loan period.

  • Books, Magazines, WifFi Hotspots, and Compact Discs are checked out for 21 days.
  • DVD’s are checked out for 7 days.
  • Explore-To-Go kits are checked out for 7 days.
  • ILL items are checked out for 21 days with no renewals.
  • Reference materials do not circulate.

Renewal of Materials

Library patrons are permitted to renew most items up to four additional loan periods.

There is no limit on the number of items that may be renewed.

Items may be renewed in person, on-line and by telephone.

There are certain circumstances when an item may not be renewed. These are:

  • The item is on hold for another patron.
  • The item is from Interlibrary Loan.
  • The item is currently overdue.
  • The patron account must be in good standing to renew library materials.
  • Explore-To-Go kits and WiFi Hotspots cannot be renewed.

Overdue Materials and Fines

To ensure the prompt return of materials, the Peoria Public Library can provide patrons with a printed receipt at the time of check out which lists the items and their due dates. Fines are assessed for all late materials.

  • As a courtesy, overdue notices are sent out by e-mail, text messaging and post mail. Not receiving an overdue notice does not negate the borrower’s responsibility to return items to the library on time.
  • The maximum late fee per item is periodically adjusted.
  • If a fine/fee is $10.00 or more it must be paid under the $10.00 threshold. Once payment is collected, check out privileges will be restored. There are no refunds for fines and fees paid.
  • Holds and Inter-Library Loan materials that are not checked-out after notification (4 days) will be cancelled and assessed a fine per item. The materials must be checked out on the patron’s card that placed the hold or Inter-library Loan request.

Use of Collection Agency

Peoria Public Library utilizes the services of a collection agency to retrieve exceedingly overdue items. By using a collection agency, the library is ensured that every possible means has been applied to obtain financial compensation for materials not returned and unpaid fines.

  • A collection agency is used when fines and fees reach the maximum allotted amount.
  • Patrons can be provided with a receipt upon check–out with due dates. Patrons can request an e-mail notification reminder before items become overdue, and receive an e-mail after an item has become overdue. A final notice will be mailed to the last known address prior to the account being sent to collection. Not receiving notices does not negate the borrower’s responsibility.
  • A library patron, parent or guardian is responsible for not only the cost of the returned items, but also any additional charges as defined by City ordinance once an account has been referred to the collection agency. Account balance may be adjusted by the return of outstanding materials; however, other fees and charges are non-negotiable, this includes a processing fee.
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended until the collection debt has been fully satisfied.

Lost / Damaged Materials

  • The total charge for the lost or damaged item is the cost of the item plus a processing fee.
  • The processing fee reflects the library’s cost for processing and cataloging the new item.
  • A library staff member will assess damage to materials. Items deemed damaged beyond repair must be paid in full, and will then become the property of the patron. Refunds will not be given for lost items once they have been paid for.

Partially Returned Items

  • Any library materials returned with the wrong item or returned with an item missing will not be checked-in until the patron has returned the proper item or brought in the missing item. Overdue fines will accrue until the items are returned.
  • If the proper material is not returned the patron will be charged for the entire cost of the item plus processing.


Patrons may place holds on any item that is currently checked out, on order, just received or in processing.

  • An item may not be renewed if a hold has been placed.
  • An item belonging to another Peoria branch may be placed on hold. The item will be sent to the requesting library when located. If the item can not be located, the first available copy of the requested title will be held for the patron.
  • Patrons are notified by phone, email or text when an item is available. They may also access their library account online to verify status of materials placed on hold. The item will be held for them for six days. Due to the high patron demand on best seller materials extensions beyond the six days are not permitted.
  • If the item is not picked up within four days it will go to the next patron on the holds list or be returned to the shelf and a fine will be assessed.
  • Patrons are limited to 5 active holds per card.

Claims Returned / Claims Never Had

  • A lifetime limit of three items may be placed into a claims status on an individual account.
  • If an account exceeds the lifetime limit they will be billed for additional items not returned.


Pursuant to Arizona Law (ARS 41-1354) Peoria Public Library shall not disclose any record or information that identifies a user of library services.